Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Welcome to Sinanthropus

Sinanthropus - The genus name originally given to "Peking Man" by Davidson Black, is the title of this blog. It will focus on breaking news regarding the prehistory of China and adjacent regions of Asia. Over the past two decades China has become a major player in the unfolding story of organismic evolution here on planet Earth. From the very origins of life on earth, through the emergence of multicellularity, and the major phyla of plant and animal life, the fossil record being uncovered in China is unparalelled. Virtually every major form of life on earth seems to have its earliest representatives well-represented in the annals of Chinese prehistory, from Precambrian embryos, to the earliest chordates, primeval fish and amphibians, from feathered dinosaurs to early mammals and the first flowering plants, China has become center stage in the unfolding drama of the evolution of life on earth. My specialty has been the study of human evolution in east Asia and I will post extensively on that and related topics, as well as the whole gamut of studies relating to the natural history of China. My first posts will deal with recent finds. I will add posts on previous discoveries and their implications on a continuing basis.

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