Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I'm Back!

I've been on a two year hiatus from blogging at Sinathropus, but new discoveries have prompted me to jump back into the fray. Over the last couple of years I've regained by health and energy. I've also been teaching 6 or 7 classes per semester and travelling to various community colleges campuses as an itinerant physical anthropologist putting over 400 miles on the odometer each week. But I enjoy teaching evolutionary biology to the public-at-large, arming the body politic with the knowledge they need to make informed policy decisions. There can be no higher calling. I've also been active in the occupy movement both on campus and in the community. But new discoveries in China and elsewhere warrant my comments and I will soon be posting about Denisovans, and the new discoveries in China. I would also like to refer readers back to blogs I posted a couple of years ago about bipedalism as they seem rather prescient in light of the newly announced pedal finds from Ethiopia. Check out my previous comments here and look over some of my other related posts

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