Saturday, July 24, 2010


Some Interesting Comparisons

Here are side-by-side comparisons of the Butterfly Ridge Child (Lufengpithecus hudienensis)(YV0999)(7-8 mya) and the Dikika Child (Australopithecus afarensis)(3.3 mya)(above) and YV0999, the Taung Child (A. africanus)(~2.5 mya) and The Hadar juvenile (A. afarensis)(3.2 mya)(below). I've taken some liberties with the Dikika and Taung specimens by photographically removing the bone enmeshed in matrix and the endocast, respectively, to highlight the portions of the face that are comparable to the Yuanmou specimen. Interestingly all are about the same dental age. There are clearly some similarities here.

Hudieliangzi                               Dikika

      Hudieliangzi                 A. africanus Taung

A. afarensis  333-105

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