Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Recent Discoveries of Interest

One reason for "Sinanthropus" is to serve as a clearing house for info on Chinese paleontology. With that goal in mind I am using this post to highlight three recent discoveries regarding quite different aspects of the Chinese fossil record. These include the recent description of Mesomyzon mengae, a new early Cretaceous lamprey; the discovery and analysis of Gansus, the earliest known amphibious bird; and the capture of the Laotian Rock Rat (Laonastes aenigmamus). Before discussing these finds in future posts, I'd like to direct a word of thanks to Michael J. Ryan for the above links to his Palaeoblog. My next post will discuss the discovery of the Laotian Rock Rat and how it relates to hominoid evolution in Asia during the early and middle Miocene.

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