Friday, June 11, 2010


I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For all you loyal followers (1), I'm back. I can't rightly recall why I suspended operations in 2006. Probably just felt it was too big a burden with too little a return. But I've since realized that I actually may have a slight presence on the web so maybe the effort is worth while after all. Since then I've had a few narrow escapes with the grim reaper, heart surgery, an automobile accident, kidney failure and a ruptured gall bladder, but I ingratiated myself to the hospital staff and they gave me a reprieve. Better to thank your doctors than thank "god". Anyway, now that I'm back on track and about to leave for China for an "International Conference on The Yunxian Hominids," celebrating the 20th anniversary of their discovery in 1989, I feel that it's an appropriate time to rev things back up.

A lot has gone on in China over the last four years. I'll try to update this site so it can serve as a repository for posts dealing with new developments (and a review of older developments) in the paleoanthropology and paleontology of China and East Asia.

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