Thursday, August 31, 2006


Update on Forthcoming Posts

I've been preoccupied with the start of the new semester and other distractions, but plan on a number of new posts in the immediate future. Right now I'm working on an extensive post dealing with the historical geology of China and east Asia in general. There is surprisingly little available on-line relating to this important topic, which is necessary background for understanding the natural history and evolutionary biology of China. Nevertheless, I've been able to compile a fairly comprehensive overview relating to this subject matter.

I'll also be posting on recent articles concerning the relationship of Neanderthals to modern humans based on both archeological and genetic data, and further research regarding the status of the Flores hominid.

Hi. I'm Anne Gilbert of "romantic" science fiction, which has a lot of paleoanthropology links to it. I was very impressed with your blog, so I linked my blog, The Writer's Daily Grind, to yours. If you wish to look at my blog, there is a good deal of paleoanthropological stuf, thugh it's mostly about Neandertals, who are important parts of my stories.

If you wish to take a look, the URL is here:

Thank you very much,
Anne Gilbert
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